7 July 2011

Reason # 12 - cassette 6: side B


nadia said...

Dialogue between Bryce Walker and a Friend

B: Hey Marcus all right?
M: Yeah, thanks and what about you?
B: Yes, I'm fine thanks.
M: Yesterday, I tried to call you but you don't answer
B: Yesterday? Oh yes sorry I had no time, I was on Courtney s party. Where was you? I thought she
invited you too
M: Yes, she did but I argued with my parents. They told me to stay home.
B: Hahaha sweet.
M: Hey! That’s not funny...
B: Okay okay..
M: So did I miss something?
B: Yes, you did. I made a beautiful acquaintance with a girl
M: Oh Bryce congratulation. I'm sure that wasn't just a acquaintance right?
B: Yes..
M: That means?
B: it was a lot more.. With a beautiful girl that you know
M: Come on tell me who was this girl and what did you?
B: It was Hannah Baker
M: What? Hannah Baker from our school?
B: Yes this Hannah. I must say: She's very hot in underwear.
M: Bryce what do you did with her?
B: I sat in the hot tube and ask her if she want to come in. First I thought that she would say no
because she looked unhappy but she didn't. She put her clothes of and sit next to me in the hot
tube. She looked very hot and I started to cuddle with her but then it was more.. I felt her up
and.. I think you know what happened then.
M: Yeah I know what you mean. And how did she react?
B: She did nothing.. she was let me do.
M: A lot of people say, that she is a slut and that she let everyone touch her.
B: it don’t mind me if its true or not. I think she was just drunken yesterday.

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