24 March 2011

Reason # 2 - cassette 1: side B

Name of the person: Alex Standall
What did he do to Hannah? Alex wrote a list, "Freshman class - who's hot / who's not" (p 40 l 11), and voted Hannah "hot" and "Best ass in the freshman class". This gave another boy an excuse to grab Hannah's butt (p 46 l 28). Hannah does not tell the name of the boy, but he is decribed as rather violent and intimidating ("... he grabbed my wrist and spun me around. He said my name, and when I looked into his eyes the joking was gone. I yanked my arm, but his grip was tight." p 48 ll 22-26) and Clay recognizes him because of Hannah's description ("I know who Hannah's talking about now. I've seen his wrist-grabbing stunt before. It always makes me want to grab him by the shirt and push him until he lets the girl go. But instead, every time, I pretend not to notice. What could I do, anyway?" p 49 ll 1-5).
In the "NOT hot" column of his list, Alex Standall wrote the name of Jessica Davis. Hannah indicates that this had consequences ("You wrote Jessica's name in the Not column. You held Jessica up for ridicule. And that's where our snowball picks up speed. Jessica, my dear ... you're next." p 51 ll 12-15).