7 July 2011

Reason # 10 - cassette 5: side B

Illustration by Sophie Zeich:


Sophie Zeich said...


H: Hi Jessica.
J: Oh hi. I'm not in the mood to talk to you or anybody else right now, i'm sorry.
H: Yes i know. But i really need to talk to you!
J: Why and what do you know?
H: I know what happened to you last night.
J: Oh my god! Why do you know about that?
H: Because i was there, hiding in the wardrobe, unsure what to do. Justin were there too. He was standing behind the door. In the same position like me. We both wanted to stop him, but we couldn't. I don't know why. i'm so sorry for what happened.
J: I was so helpless. I was too drunk to show any reaction and luckily too drunk to feel any pain.
I hate this monster.
H: We have to stop him, otherwise he will do the same with other girls.
J: I don't want other girls to be in the same posittion as i was. So what can we do ?
H: We have to tell the police and the principal what happend, even though it could be hard for you.
J: I do this for the girls. This will be the payback for Tyler. I hate this Monster!

Anonymous said...

WHat was the name of the guy who raped Jessica? I can't remember, and I want to buy the book, because I rented it before, so...yeah. First and last name please!

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